To add a banner image to your course, go into the course and enter editing mode.

  • In the uppermost section, click on the edit button. This will let you edit the content that displays at the top of the box.  
  • In the "Summary" box, click on the "Insert/edit image" (looks like a tree).  
  • Click "Find or upload an image . . .".  From here you can "Upload a file" from your computer or use "Server files" to select an image you have already uploaded.  
  • If asked, select "Make a copy of the file" and the click "Select this file".
  • A preview of the image should now appear.  You should add an image description for users with screen readers.  You can use the "Appearance" tab to adjust the alignment and size of the image.  Generally, you will want an image 600 pixels or less wide to avoid display problems.  
  • Click "update" to add the image.
  • Then click "Save Changes" to return the main page of your course.