About H5P

H5P is an abbreviation for HTML5 Package. It enables educators to create content such as interactive videos, quizzes and presentations. H5P content can be created in the Content bank or on the h5p.com site and added to your course as an H5P activity or embedded into any other activity or resource.

For summative assessment, such as exams, it is recommended for security reasons to use the Quiz activity rather than H5P.

Creating and editing H5P content in the Content bank

To create and edit H5P content,

  1. Go to the Content bank, accessible when in a course from the Navigation drawer (Boost theme).
  2. Click the Add button and select a content type.

For more information, see Content bank.

H5P Documentation for Different Content Types

Please find tutorials for the different H5p content types by following the link below.


Adding an H5P activity to a course

  1. Ensure that you first have an existing H5P activity to upload, or that you have created one in the Content bank.
  2. In a course, with the editing turned on, choose 'H5P' from the activity chooser.
  3. Give it a name and, if needed, a description.
  4. From Package file > File picker, add your H5P file from the Upload a file link or from the Content bank. Note: If you add the content as an alias, any modifications will be displayed here but if you add it as a copy, the modified version will not display. For more information see Working with files
  5. Expand the other sections to select the settings you want, and then click Save and return to course.

Embedding H5P into other activities

H5P button in the text editor

You can embed H5P content into sections, as well as activities, and resources such as a Lesson or a Book, by clicking the H5P button in the text editor.

To embed H5P from the Content bank:

  1. Click the H5P button in the text editor then click 'Browse repositories'.
  2. Browse the Content bank repository and select an H5P file.
  3. Choose to either make a copy of the file or create a shortcut.
  4. Click the button 'Select this file'.
  5. Click 'Insert H5P'.

Creating a shortcut to the H5P file


Note: If you create a shortcut to the file, you can edit it in the Content bank and any activities with a link to the file will be updated.

Official Moodle Documentation

You can read more about H5P on Moodle's official documentation page.