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  • Google Drive for Mac and PC
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Google offers a Google Drive application for Mac/PC that syncs files between Google Drive and your computer.  This is handy if you would like to access files directly without having to download them from the Google Drive web site.

Important warning

The Google Drive application is a sync process, not a mapped connection like Xythos.

By default, Google Drive will sync all of your files as well as any files shared with you to your computer. If you have uploaded a large amount of data to Google Drive, or someone has shared large files with you, or your departmental folder is large, this could very easily fill a computer's hard drive or monopolize your network bandwidth by downloading all the files at once.

If you have any questions about whether you need the Google Drive application or how the application should be configured, contact ITS at


You can control the space and bandwidth usage of Google Drive by making changes to the application's preferences:

  • Under Sync Options choose to only sync specific libraries and folders.    If there are large files and folders that you don't use on a regular basis, don't sync them.  
  • Under the Advanced, you can limit the program to a specific bandwidth.   Right now we are recommending 10000 KB/second (10 MB/second).