Shared email accounts for departments are generally set up as what are called "delegated accounts". Delegated accounts allow multiple users to share a single Gmail mailbox which can be accessed from within their personal Swarthmore mailboxes. This allows users with access to easily see when emails have been read and replied to by others, as well as the ability to respond to messages from within the delegated account. This provides secure access to a shared mailbox without requiring shared passwords. You can request a new delegated account from the ITS support portal (requires login).

Delegated accounts don't allow users to access advanced settings for the inbox and do not include Drive, Calendar, or Chat. It is possible to create a shared Google Drive space by using Google Groups to manage permissions to a folder, or by requesting a Google Shared Drive (requires login). Changes to who has access to a delegated account need to be done by ITS, and you can request access changes on our support portal (requires login).

If the users to a shared inbox are expected to change regularly you may want to consider using a Google Group for a shared inbox experience.

Accessing a Delegated Email Account

  1. Click on your profile picture in the upper-right corner of Gmail (if you don't have a profile picture, it will display your first initial instead) 
  2. Choose the shared email address from this menu. Delegated accounts will appear below the Manage your Google Account button.
  3. The delegated account will open in a new tab within your web browser.

When sending an email from a delegated account, Gmail will note the sender as: “Delegated Account Name” (sent by “delegated account user”).

As a delegate, you can access the contacts of the shared account by clicking the To, Cc, or Bcc links in the mail compose window.