Contact information is displayed in various locations:

User Profiles are optional stand-alone pages that allow faculty and staff to include additional information about themselves and/or their work.

Getting Started

  1. Make sure you've logged in to Drupal.
  2. Locate and click on your username in the upper-right corner of the screen (black toolbar). You will be redirected to your profile page.
  3. To begin making changes, click the Edit tab.
  4. The edit window will appear on the screen along with the tabs for User InformationProfile Page, and System Information (pictured below).

Updating Contact Information

In most cases, your contact information will not require editing, as it is initially updated from Banner. In the event that an override or correction is necessary:

  1. Expand the User Information tab

  2. If necessary, adjust the Name (should be your full name)

  3. Upload a preferred Directory Listing Image / headshot (optimal dimensions: width of 372px by a height of 414px)

  4. Optionally, check the box to Display Directory Image

  5. Alter or add additional Titles

  6. If necessary, adjust the On Leave Message (ex: "On leave Spring 2019")

  7. Alter or add additional Departments

  8. If necessary, adjust the Display Email

  9. Alter or add additional Phone/Fax Numbers 

    1. Add the type of number in the Title field (Phone, Fax, Mobile, etc.)
    2. Add the phone number in the URL field
  10. Alter or add additional Office Locations

  11. Add optional Office Hours

  12. Alter or add additional Related Links

    1. For links to an existing webpage:
      1. Add the text, which you'd like used to present the link on your profile, to the Link text field
      2. Add a valid web address to the URL field
    2. For links to documents:
      1. Click the blue Link to a document button
      2. A file browser pop-up will appear
      3. Click the upload button in the upper-left of the pop-up
      4. Select the file that you'd like to upload and click open, then upload
      5. Click the Insert file button from the upper-right of the pop-up
      6. Add the text, which you'd like used to present the link on your profile, to the Link text field
  13. Add any Additional Information not captured in the previous fields

My Profile

Faculty and staff have the option of creating a profile page on the College site. The following information can be included:

  • Alternate photo to be displayed
  • A free form text field for additional information (ex: cv, biography, etc.) 

Make a Profile Public

User Profiles are hidden by default. If you've made changes to your profile and want them to be shared publicly, you'll need to do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Profile Page tab towards the top of the edit window
  2. Check the Make Profile Public option
  3. Upload a preferred Profile Image / headshot (optimal dimensions: width of 400px by a height of 448px).
  4. Add Profile Body copy if any is required.
  5. Click the green Save button at the bottom of the screen

Updating the Profiles of Others

Although every Swarthmore College faculty and staff member can update their own profile, some departments may identify an individual responsible for maintaining the entire site, including the profiles of each faculty and staff member. For instructions see Editing the Profiles & Contact Information of Others.