The following image style guide shows you the recommended image sizes that should be used. All dimensions are in pixels (width x height). Photos should be saved in .jpg format using 70% compression.

Editing & Preparing Images for the Web

Editing images should be done in Adobe Photoshop, which is software provided by ITS, or another photo editor of your choice.

Recommended Sizes for Header Images

Image TypeRetina (WxH)Standard (WxH)Preferred RatioPreferred Orientation
Homepage - Single Image1756 x 1170878 x 5853:2, 16:9landscape

Homepage - Double Image (Front)

1056 x 704528 x 3523:2, 16:9landscape
Homepage - Double Image (Rear)880 x 662 440 x 3313:2, 16:9landscape
Homepage - Full Width3500 x 13601750 x 680customlandscape
Standard Page 1524 x 940 762 x 4703:2, 16:9landscape

Recommended Sizes for Panes

Image TypeRetina (WxH)Standard (WxH)Preferred RatioPreferred Orientation
Feature1530 x 1046765 x 523

Feature Link List

1300 x 858650 x 429
Image Slider (Slideshow)1600 x 1000 800 x 5008:5landscape
Image Slider (Gallery Thumbnails)720 x 476360 x 23816:9landscape
Multi-Column Callout600 x 600 300 x 3001:1landscape
Image Callout1560 x 1040780 x 520
Full Width Callout3500 x 12401750 x 620customlandscape
Callout on Image1300 x 900650 x 4503:2, 16:9landscape
Feature Story Callout (Left)1530 x 1046765 x 5233:2landscape
Feature Story Callout (Right)1070 x 698535 x 3493:2landscape
Audio (Thumbnail)298 x 298149 x 1491:1square
Ambient Video (Fallback Image)3500 x 14641750 x 732customlandscape

Recommended Sizes for Profiles

Image TypeRetina (WxH)Standard (WxH)Preferred RatioPreferred Orientation
Profile Headshot372 x 466 186 x 2334:5portrait

Recommended Sizes for News and Events Pages & Thumbnails

Image TypeRetina (WxH)Standard (WxH)Preferred RatioPreferred Orientation
News Page (Standard)----
News Page (Featured)2880 x 12661440 x 63316:9, 3:2landscape
News Feed Pane (Standard Thumbnail)560 x 320280 x 16016:9, 3:2landscape
News Feed Pane (Featured Thumbnail)1760 x 960880 x 48016:9, 3:2landscape
News Feed Pane (Full Page Listing) 840 x 480420 x 24016:9, 3:2landscape
Events Feed Pane (Thumbnail)840 x 532420 x 33516:9, 3:2landscape
Events Feed Pane (Full Page Listing)840 x 670420 x 33516:9, 3:1landscape
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