The Lead pane is useful for pull quotes or highlighting other important text. Optionally, a Call to Action Link can be used to guide visitors towards related content.

  1. Under the YOUR SITE - Site Administration dropdown, hover over Add new pane and select Lead to create a new pane.
  2. Provide a Title for the Lead. Note: This is used for internal purposes only and is not displayed to visitors.
  3. Provide the Abstract that will be presented as a Lead pane.
  4. Optionally, provide a Call to Action Link in order to drive traffic to related content.
  5. To place the newly created pane on your page:
    1. Click Arrange Panes.
    2. Click the little grey gear icon in the upper left-hand corner of the Additional Content region of your page, and then click Add content.
    3. Find and click on your newly created pane under Existing Site Panes >Lead Panes. You can now arrange the order of your panes by dragging and dropping the item. 
    4. Click Save to save a draft of your page. You can set the Moderation state to Published if you would like to publish the pane to your page
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