The Instagram Lockup pane type is used to insert a static collection of Instagram posts. Since this is a manually entered collection of Instagram posts, not a live feed, the collection will not update with new posts to your Instagram account.

  1. Under the YOUR SITE - Site Administration dropdown, hover over Add new pane and select Instagram Lockout to create a new pane.
  2. Provide a Title for the pane that will appear above the row of images (see screen recording below).
  3. Under Instagram Lockup Items, enter the following information for up to five posts:
    1. Instagram URLPaste the complete URL of the post (e.g., Drupal will automatically pull in the image from the post.
    2. Image Alt TextEnter a short description of the contents of the image (used by screen readers, search engines, or when the image cannot be loaded). Note: this should not be the same as the caption.
    3. Caption: Paste all or a portion of the caption from the Instagram post, or enter an entirely new one. Drupal will not automatically pull in the caption from the post.
  4. Optionally, select Show College's default social media links to include linked icons to the College's social media accounts (see screen recording below).
  5. Click Save to create your new pane.
  6. To place the newly created pane on your page:
    1. Click Arrange Panes.
    2. Click the little grey gear icon in the upper left-hand corner of the Additional Content region of your page, and then click Add content.
    3. Find and click on your newly created pane under Existing Site Panes > Instagram Lockup. You can now arrange the order of your panes by dragging and dropping the item. 
    4. Click Save to save a draft of your page. You can set the Moderation state to Published if you would like to publish the pane to your page. 

Screen recording of the Instagram Lockup pane type

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