The Image Callout pane is a reusable collection of content consisting of a Media item (Image/Video) and a short text abstract. These panes are similar to Feature Callout pane and can be arranged throughout the body of standard pages. See the example of a published Image Callout below:

A screenshot of an Image Callout featuring an image of students sitting on chairs and an accompanying text abstract.

  1. Provide a Title for the Image Callout.
  2. Optionally, add a short Label to give further context to the callout. Example: Sustainability for a callout about composting on campus.
  3. Add the Abstract that will appear beside the image.
  4. Add the Image (optimal dimensions: width of 1530px by height of 1020px).
    1. If you’re adding a new image to the system, click the Choose File button to browse your local system for the file, select it, and click the Upload button
    2. If the image has already been uploaded to the system:
      1. Click the File Browser tab to launch the browser pop-up window.
      2. Navigate to the file, clicking on the title to select it.
      3. Double click the title or use the Insert file button in the upper left.
  5. Optionally, add a Video URL. The system expects the video to come from YouTube.
    1. If both a Video URL and Image File are present, the image will be used as the video’s “poster image”. This is the way the system is intended to be used but is not required.
  6. Use the Reverse Alignment checkbox to optionally flip the alignment of the image.
  7. Set the Callout Color (the “callout” is the box that holds the text).
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