1. Add a Title for the pane.
  2. Add the Feature Image (optimal dimensions: width of 1530px by height of 1020px).
    1. Click the File Browser tab to launch the browser pop-up window.
    2. Navigate to the file, clicking on the title to select it.
    3. Double click the title or use the Insert file button in the upper left.
    1. If you’re adding a new image to the system, click the Choose File button to browse your local system for the file, select it, and click the Upload button
    2. Add Alternate Text describing the image (this will be used by screen readers, search engines, or when the image cannot be loaded.)
  3. Optionally, add a Video URL. The system expects the video to come from YouTube.
    1. If both a Video URL and Image File are present, the image will be used as the video’s “poster image”. This is the way the system is intended to be used but is not required.
  4. Add the text that should accompany the feature in the Abstract field.
  5. Adding links to the Link Listing area.
    1. Place cursor in the URL field
      1. If you're linking to a page within Drupal, begin to type the title and select it from the autocomplete suggestions. The Link text field will automatically populate, but can be altered.
      2. If your link is outside of swarthmore.edu, simply paste the URL
    2. Add or edit Link text, the text that will be seen as a clickable link in your feature
    3. Add additional link fields by clicking the Add another item button
    4. Remove unwanted links by clicking the Remove Link button located just below it
  6. Optionally, add a Call to Action Link if you'd like to link to a related resource. This will inherit the standard Call to Action formatting.

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