1. Make sure you've logged in to Drupal.
  2. Navigate to a site that you have permission to edit.
  3. Once at the site, hover over the yellow title of the site in the upper left to reveal an options list.
  4. Select Add new page.
  5. A new window will appear.
  6. Provide a Title for the new page.
  7. Optionally, provide a Subtitle for the new page.
  8. Add additional page content as required:
    1. Slideshow, Video, Images
    2. Body Copy
  9. If the page is not yet ready for public viewing, be sure to set the Moderation State to Draft.
  10.  Click the green Save button.

After creating the new page, it will need to be added to sites navigation. To do so, visit the Manage Navigation instructions. 

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