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This is a companion for the web page, Testing before you buy and focuses on practical how-tos.

Put Away Your Mouse

Can you get to the different parts of the page using just the tab, arrows, space bar, and return/enter keys?

Here is a great article about how to navigate without using a mouse or trackpad.

Use High Contrast

Turn on high contrast mode.

High Contrast for Mac

  • Open System Preferences,
  • go to Accessibility.
  • Click Display from the left panel and then on the right check the box for Increase contrast. It reduces transparency in windows and makes the borders of buttons, tabs and other items more legible. If the increasing contrast is too stark a change for you, then try checking the box for the setting right below it for Reduce transparency. It makes the semi-transparent headers of windows a solid gray.

    Within the accessibilty sytem preferences are two options which increase contrast and reduce transparency.

High Contrast for Windows

  • Press Windows logo key   + U to open “Ease of Access” settings, then select High Contrast.
  • Switch the toggle under “Turn on high contrast” to “On”. You'll be asked to wait a few seconds while your device adjusts.
  • Under “Choose a theme”, select a high contrast theme from the drop-down menu, and then select Apply.

Turn Off Images

Without any images, can you still figure out what to do? Can you still understand what is happening and what you need to do?

One way to do this:

Check for captions or transcripts.

What happens if you turn off sound for videos or audio files? How can you figure out what is going on? Is there a way to read captions? Are transcripts available?

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