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Table of Contents

General WordPress Information

Well known for it's blogging capabilities, WordPress is a flexible and easy to use open source Content Management System (CMS), which is also capable of creating more traditional websites. 

The functionality of WordPress can be extended by using various themes and plugins. Keep in mind that the support available for a given theme or plugin varies on a case by case basis. In the event that you intend to use an unsupported theme or plugin, the Libraries and ITS can help guide you towards a viable alternative.

To see the broad range of theming possibilities, visit the site showcase (non-academic site specific)

Official WordPress Site 
Official WordPress Codex (Documentation)

Getting Started

Swarthmore College ITS offers several hosting options for WordPress. The location of your site will depend upon your specific use case. Common use cases on campus:

Using WordPress in the classroom with Moodle

This use case allows faculty to create the site without assistance from ITS 

If your project is associated with a specific course, WordPress is likely the easiest CMS to get up and running at Swarthmore. This is because Swarthmore's Moodle is equipped with a plugin that can automatically create one WordPress site per class. Registered course participants are also easily added through the plugin.

For more information on using WordPress with Moodle, see the full documentation.

Using WordPress for a non-course related project

Some faculty members may wish to use WordPress to maintain a homepage for a research project/lab, a forum for collaboration, or a personal blog/homepage. These types of sites can be quickly created with initial assistance from ITS staff.

Keep in mind that there are several options for creating websites on campus. It's entirely possible that your project may be better suited for the primary College CMS, Drupal. Contact your Academic Technologist, or in order to discuss the details of your request.