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Adobe Premiere

Windows Photos (more of an overview than in-depth tutorial): 

More on Specific Editing Programs

iMovie (Mac)

iMovie Overview

Getting Started with iMovie

Creating a Movie project

Adjust Audio (lower or remove audio on a clip)

Record a Voice Over / Narration

Titles and Credits

Exporting Your Video (we recommend the highest resolution and quality options)

Microsoft Photos (Windows)

Video Editing in Microsoft Photos:

How to Use Windows 10 Hidden Video Editor (How to Geek)

How to Create Videos (Microsoft Help)

Recording Narration or Voice Over for Your Project

Importing Footage and Starting a New Project

Importing and Editing Narration and Music

Sequencing and Trimming

Titles and Text

Exporting Your Video: Select ‘Export or share’ from the top menu and select the Large size option. The video will then be rendered (which might take a while depending on your hardware), encoded in MP4 format and saved in your Pictures folder.

Additional Resources: Royalty Free Music & Getting a Creative Commons License

Accessing Free Music: freemusicarchive.org

More Free Music: incompetech.com/music

Getting a Creative Commons License

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