The Strelka computing cluster runs the Open OnDemand system, which provides access to files, jobs, and an interactive desktop via a web browser.  

Accessing the site

You must have a Strelka account set up to use Open OnDemand.  To obtain an account, complete a Strelka Account Request

Go to and log in with your Swarthmore credentials.  

Strelka Open OnDemand requires VPN when accessing the site from off-campus.


Not all features available from the Open OnDemand menus may be available.  Specifically, "Shell Access" from the site is not functional.   


Shows a list of your files on Strelka.  It is possible to upload and download files as well as view and edit text files, which can be handy for simple changes.  


See a list of the jobs running on the Strelka.  The default view shows only your jobs, but it can be changed to view all jobs.  Expanding a job shows more details.  It is also possible to submit jobs from this interface, but for most cases it is easier to use the command line.

Interactive Apps

Connect to an interactive Strelka job via a web browser.  The Interactive Desktop function provides a Linux desktop environment running with a Strelka worker node.  This can be useful for running a graphical program such as MATLAB or COMSOL.  Other programs, such as Jupyter notebooks can be configured to run on Strelka.  There are time and resource limits, so the interactive use is not designed for long running or large compute jobs.