The college provides several ways for Swarthmore researchers to store and back up their data. 

Research Data Storage and Backup Systems

CrashPlan (Workstation only backup)

CrashPlan is Swarthmore's primary computer backup system. It is the easiest solution for backing up a computer automatically. If all of your research material easily fits on a laptop or desktop computer, then this is the best way we can help you keep it safe. The backup software can be installed on multiple office computers and is not designed for lab or research machines. More information is available on the Computer Backup help page

Google Drive

Swarthmore's Google Drive storage can be easily accessed from anywhere and shared with colleagues. Research groups are usually best served with a Google Shared Drive because any files added a Shared Drive are owned by the group instead of the individual user which prevents files from being deleted when users leave the college. To set up a Google Shared Drive for your group, fill out a request form.  

CIFS Share

ITS can set up a Common Internet File System (CIFS) share for groups that need a simple way to share files internally. The CIFS share can be accessed like a network drive, but data is stored securely off campus.  

Storage and Backup Comparison

ProductOptimal Use Case
CrashPlanAll your data fits on your office computer. Note: only user folders are backed up unless specified by contacting ITS.
Google Drive

Your data needs to be shared with collaborators.

CIFS Share

All your data doesn't fit on your computer, or you want to archive rarely used data and remove it from your computer.  You have large >1TB storage needs.
You need to share data among Swarthmore users.

Please contact your Academic Technologist for more detailed information on how best to secure your data.