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There are several ways to administer online quizzes and exams.  Whichever method you select, we recommend giving students the option to try out a practice assessment before attempting the real thing so they can get comfortable with the process.  

General Resources

Strategies for Exams During Remote Learning - from Amherst's Center for Teaching and Learning 

Unproctored Online Assessments - University of Wisconsin Extended Campus Resource

Best Practices for Online Tests - Pepperdine


Creating a timed quiz or exam in Moodle - can have students upload a file containing their answers.  Students can type their response and upload or handwrite their exam, use a scanning app on their phone and upload the file.  It is also possible to administer an auto-graded multi-choice quiz.  

Add Quiz Questions to a Panopto Video - intersperse quiz questions inside a video

GradeScope is an online service to assist with paper-based grading.  Students can upload images of their exam to GradeScope for instructor grading.  Swarthmore doesn't have a site-license but instructors may receive a free trial for the first two semesters.

Use a Zoom meetings for one-on-one oral assessments.  Students can sign up using the WASE Office Hours Scheduler and it is possible to integrate Zoom with WASE (Office Hours Scheduler).

Other Notes

For handwritten exams, students can use a scanning app for their phone to take pictures of their papers, convert to a single PDF file, and upload to a quiz assignment in Moodle, or service such as GradeScope.  Microsoft Lens, GeniusScan, Scannable (by Evernote), and the Adobe Scan app are all good choices.

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