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RStudio is a visual interface for the R statistics program.  Swarthmore runs an RStudio Server Pro instance at (requires VPN from off-campus).  You can log into the server using your Swarthmore username and password, but first need to request an account.  

RStudio Server requires VPN when accessing the site from off-campus.

Class Folders

ITS can create shared folders for class use, which can be useful to distribute data files.  Email with your request.


Terminal or shell not working

If there are problems with opening up a new Terminal or Shell, try going to Tools → Global Options → Terminal.  Then uncheck "Connect with Websockets".

Cannot access from off campus

RStudio Server requires VPN when using the site from off-campus.

Cannot log in

  • Make sure an account has been created for you
  • Use all lowercase when entering your username
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