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It is possible to require a Swarthmore login to take a Qualtrics survey.  This is helpful if you need to publish a survey url but want to limit respondents to the Swarthmore community.  It is possible to capture a username from the login process to verify a respondent's identify.  

Add a survey which utilizes our CAS login.  In addition, Step Two describes how to get a viable URL if the survey includes file upload capability.


  1. Within a survey choose "Survey Flow"
  2. Add an "Authenticator" element
    1. Choose "SSO" for type
    2. Uncheck "Associate Respondent With Panel"
    3. Uncheck "Capture respondent identifying info"
    4. Host name is "" (updated url, not reflected in screenshot)
    5. Port is 8443
    6. URI is "idp/profile/cas/"  (updated uri, not reflected in screenshot)
    7. Test the connection
  3. Make sure the "Show Block: Default Question Block" and the "End of Survey" blocks nested below the authentication block.


The last step is required because otherwise if people fail the authentication three times, they will simply move past the authenticator.  Placing all the survey elements with the authentication block prevents this from happening.