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If you leave the college, you may want to save your GitHub Enterprise repositories to your computer or move them to  ITS won't delete your repositories immediately after you leave, but once your account expires, you won't be able to access the files.  


If you want to migrate your repositories to, consider whether you want them to be public or private. charges for private repositories, so you may not want to import a lot of private work into  Many assignments from classes should be private because they are derived from textbooks or contain answers to problems that may be used in the future.  In addition, make sure you don't accidentally post password or key-pairs as part of your repository.


GitHub Enterprise to

You can reverse the instructions here to migrate your repositories to  

Per Ian Reasor at StackOverflow:

You should be able to use the steps in the linked document in the reverse order as well:

  • Create an empty repository at
  • Create a clone of the enterprise repository on your local.
  • Add as a remote reference on your local clone.
  • Push all references to the repository.


GitHub Enterprise to Local Computer

You can also download your GitHub Enterprise Repositories by either cloning the repository or downloading a zip to your computer.