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All students, faculty, and staff at Swarthmore have access to a large library of video courses covering many different areas of study. We originally rolled this service out as, but has gotten a name (and branding) change. LinkedIn Learning has all of the same great content and you will still be able to log in using your Swarthmore credentials. You can access LinkedIn Learning by going to

Linking to your LinkedIn Account

When you log in to LinkedIn Learning for the first time you will be given the opportunity to link your Learning account to your LinkedIn account (if you have one).  For those without a (personal, non-Swarthmore) LinkedIn account, you may create a profile at this point.

You may choose not to link them, and still have the opportunity to do so later. You may also choose to link them, and still have the ability to unlink later, as well.

If you DON’T link your accounts

  • You will be prompted to fill in basic information for a LinkedIn Learning profile
  • You can choose a series of interests that will help promote videos you may be interested in
  • You will NOT be able to keep video course certificates you earn if you move on from Swarthmore

If you DO link your accounts

  • You will be able to add any video course certificates you earn to your LinkedIn profile, and take them with you if you move on from Swarthmore
  • Your LinkedIn Learning account will be auto-populated with basic information
  • LinkedIn Learning will be able to use information such as your job title, industry, and listed skills to help promote videos and subjects you might be interested in
  • Future logins will have you sign in with your Swarthmore username and password, then sign in using the email/username and password of your LinkedIn account

Privacy Information

You may still have questions about who can see what kinds of information. Please check out LinkedIn’s Privacy Information documentation for a detailed look into what Swarthmore and your LinkedIn network will or will not be able to see regarding your information and activity.

Profile Info from Before the Change

If you were using our service before it switched over to LinkedIn Learning all of your profile information, saved videos, playlists, and certificates have all been transferred over. Even your progress in unfinished videos and courses should be saved. If you log in and notice that your information is not there, or if you have any other questions, please contact the Help Desk.

ITS Help Desk
Mon - Fri: 9am- 4pm
x4357 (HELP)
610-328-8513 (off campus)
Beardsley 110

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