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This plugin requires that a user either create an account at, or has ITS set up the plugin using our general purpose account.


In the event that LaTeX support would be a useful feature on your WordPress site, the JetPack plugin will need to be installed. If you do not have access to add plugins to your site please send a request to

Installation and Activation

  • Log into your WordPress site and navigate to the Dashboard area.
  • On the left side of the screen, click on the Plugins menu item.
  • From the Plugins screen, find and activate the JetPack plugin (link to activate is right below the plugin title).
  • The page will refresh and a green banner will appear at the top. 
  • Click on the button within the green banner marked Connect to
  • Provide your credentials. If you do not wish to create a account, contact to have ITS finish the configuration.
  • Once your account is connected to a Jetpack menu item will be added to the left side menu of the Dashboard.
  • Click or hover over the JetPack menu item to reveal a sub menu. Choose Settings from this sub menu.
  • From the JetPack Settings page, hover over the item marked Beautiful Math. Click the link to activate Beautiful Math (it will appear to the right on hover).

Using LaTex in WordPress

After following the Installation and Activation instructions, LaTeX is now available for both Posts and Pages. When adding your LaTeX code, make sure that the Post or Page editor is in the Text mode, not the default Visualize mode (tabs in the top right corner of the content editing area). Otherwise it won't know to interpret it as code.