eWindows users can connect to Strelka using the free PuTTY software.  Strelka uses a public/private key pair instead of a password.  Follow the instructions below to install PuTTY, set up a key pair, and connect to Strelka.


Download PuTTY and install

Setting up a key pair

Start the PuTTYgen program

  • Under Parameters → Number of bits in a generated key → enter "2048" (don't include the quotes)
  • Under Actions → Generate a public/private key pair → Click the "Generate" button
  • Follow the instructions
  • Under Actions → Save the generated key → Click "Save private key"
  • Save private key file in a folder of your choosing.  Set filename to: "id_rsa.ppk"
  • Copy the contents of the "Public key for Pasting into OpenSSH authorized_keys file" text box 
  • Go to the Strelka Account Request page and paste the public key text into the box provided.

It may take a few days to create your Strelka account.  

Configuring PuTTY

Start the PuTTY program and configure as follows:

  • Session → Hostname → Enter "strelka.swarthmore.edu" (don't include the quotes)
  • Session → Connection type → check "SSH"
  • Connection → Data → Auto-login username → Enter your Swarthmore username.  Usernames are case sensitive, so use all lowercase letters.
  • Connection  SSH  Auth → select the "id_rsa.ppk" file created in the section above.
  • Session  Saved sessions → enter "Strelka" in the text box and click "Save"

The configuration only needs to be done once.  In the future, the configuring can be loaded by starting PuTTY, selecting Session  Saved sessions, selecting "Strelka" and clicking "Load"

Connecting to Strelka

Connect to Strelka by clicking on "Open" button at the bottom of the window.

If off campus, start VPN before opening the connection to Strelka.

Connecting to Strelka for Graphical Programs

It is possible to run some graphical programs on Strelka using X11 forwarding.  Insure that you have PuTTY installed and configured as above

Instructions to set up X11 forwarding

  • Download Xming and install
  • Start Xming by running the XLaunch program and configure
    • At the Display settings dialog box, select Multiple windows and set the Display number as 0
    • Accept the default settings for everything else
  • Start PuTTY and configure SSH compression and "X11 forwarding"
    • Connection → SSH → Check "Enable compression"
    • Connection  SSH → X11 → Check "Enable X11 forwarding"
  • Connect to Strelka

Testing X11 Forwarding

Log into Strelka and run a simple program to verify you see a graphical window open on your computer.  The following should show a clock face.

xclock &

X11 References

X11 on Windows Machines

How to handle X11 Forwarding using SSH

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