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Why did someone log me off?  I had a video rendering.

Unless you are actively using a computer, you should expect to be logged out if you leave for an extended period.  If you need to let a video project render for any length of time, please leave a note with your name, your cell phone number, and an approximate time of return.

I’d like to reserve station 1 tomorrow at 9pm…

We operate on a first come, first serve basis.

Can I use the computers when it looks like a class is going on?

Yes!  As long as their is a free computer, you should be able to use it, so long as you're not disruptive to the class. 

How come I can't hear anything through the headphones?

Open the System Preferences from the Apple Menu, then Select Sound from the right side of the second row of Preference panes.  Next select "Output" and then set your sound output device to be Line Out.  This will let you use the headphones!

What if I want to listen to audio with a friend/collaborator? How can we both/all listen?

Look in the cabinets under the large screen TV for a Rolls mini-amplifier that can split that audio output with either 4 or 8 headphone ports.